Bienvue á Tautavel eller Velkommen til Tautavel

If you want to give yourself or someone you love a very special experience, so just read on.

Tautavel is a charming picturesque hamlet in the hills, where time has its own time and pace.

We can not promise you, noisy disco facilities, stylish apartments, fluepapirs coated beaches, or flashing casinos with promising earnings.

But we can promise you that you will experience peace when you walk through the city, a tranquility that is rare nowadays. A peace that gives time for thought and speech. And we can promise you houses, streets, animals and people that are quirky, charming, relaxed and unpretentious. And between 14 and 16 you can find a quiet spot on one of the local cafes, if you thought the time was a little slow before, so it is nothing during the siesta. It takes time, namely the right to a halt.

Stress is in fact a foreign word in Tautavel


For any questions call :(+45) 40 10 07 29 , (+45) 29 61 03 14 or write

Tautavels street
Kirksudlejning | mail@kirks-udlejning.dk | +45 40 10 07 29